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We offer a wide range of inorganic and organic fertilizers for drip irrigation and FOLIAR application. 

Inorganic Fertilizers:

For Example:

N.P.K Liquids:    

  • 10-10-7,5 plus T.E.    
  • 5-8-10 plus T.E.    
  • 12-4-6 plus T.E.   
N.P.K. Crystalline Powder(for drip irrigation and FOLIAR application):
  • 20-5-10 + 2MgO + T.E.
  • 14-12-14 + 1MgO
  • 16-10-25 + 2MgO + T.E.
  • 6-20-30 + 1MgO

Organic Fertilizers:

          Organic Leaf Fertilizers and Trace Elements and Plant Strengthener for the Profession Growers

Chelated Micronutrients

Please contact us for more detailed information and special leaflets